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Jukasa News Update – Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Ottawa says it is investing $115 million to compensate provinces and municipalities for housing costs for asylum seekers.
The money is part of 2.5 billion in new spending plans tabled Monday.
Officials say the funding is to help with an influx of irregular migrants entering Canada and seeking assylum who are in need of shelter and social services.

Two people are now facing charges in the murder of a 37 year old Ottawa woman.
28 year old Dwight Brown was charged with the second degree murder of Susan Kuplu.
Her daughter, 18 year old Lennesse Kuplu is also charged with second degree murder.
The two are also charged with indignity to a dead body. Police have not explained the reason for the charge nor the cause of the Inuit woman’s death.

A woman whose 11 year old son was killed in a school bus accident is pushing Transport Canada to make seatbelts mandatory.
Denna Weston says had her son been wearing a seatbelt he would have survived the crash.
An out of control SUV slammed into the side of a school bus injuring two other children and killing Jared Weston.
Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced a task force to look at the possibility of retrofitting school buses with seatbelts.
Officials with Transport Canada say that although it is a complex issue to address they are willing to do the work to improve student safety.

A judge has issued a stay in the case of Adam Capay, an inmate from a Thunder Bay jail who was facing trial for the murder or another inmate, Sherman Quissess.
Capay made news after details emerged he’d been held in solitary confinement for four years awaiting trail.
Members of victim’s community expressed frustration that the surviving family will never see justice.
Critics say Thunder Bay’s prison keeping Capay in solitary confinement for so long was a gross violation of his human rights and say those violations led to today’s ruling – preventing the case from being heard.
Capay was freed from custody following conclusion of the hearing.

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