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Jukasa News Update Tuesday, July 3, 2018


One of the lawyers with the National Inquiry into MissingandMurdered Women and Girls has resigned.Been Ouelette resigned on  June 21. In a statement the Metis lawyer says that he would like to comment but cannot disclose the issues surrounding the problems in the inquiry. The national inquiry has lost 25 people including several high level commissioners since it was launched.’

Justin Trudeau visited Regina this weekend for Canada Day. The prime minister was invited to visit the Justice for our Stolen Children camp, but said he would not visit the camp. Indigenous people in the province set up a teepee village at the camp on Saskatchewan legislature grounds to protest the disproportionate number of ingenious children apprehended by child welfare workers. Trudeau says his government continues to engage deeply with leaders and communities.Saskatchewan’s premiere is supporting calls for police to remove teepees and shut down the protest.

An indigenous woman in BC working to save her language is fighting to stay in Canada. Mique’l Dangeli is from the Tsimsian First Nation which straddles the Canada/US border between Alaska and British Columbia. The woman’s visa expires on July 1. She says Canada will not allow her to remain in the country because she was born on the American side and Canada does not recognize the traditional boundaries of the community.

About 200 Demonstrators rallied outside Toronto Queen’s Park on Sunday — demanding an appeal in the Peter Khill acquittal. The protests were marked as a National Day of Mourning for the injustice idngeous men and women victims face when going through Canada’s justice system. Solidarity events were held in Halifax, Ottawa and Vancouver. Organizers for the demonstrations say there are more events planned across the country in the coming days.

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