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Jukasa News Update – Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Hamilton police say they’ve arrested a 27-year-old man in connection with the city’s sixth homicide of the year.
Police say they responded to reports of a man suffering from gunshot wounds on Saturday night, and the victim – a 44-year-old man – was taken to hospital and pronounced dead.
Police say video surveillance footage leading to the arrest of the 27-year-old suspect.
Investigators say there was premeditation involved in the crime and that the victim and suspect knew each other.

Masks and social distancing can help control the coronavirus but hand washing and other measures are still needed, a new analysis finds.
Researchers at McMaster University concluded single-layer cloth masks are less effective than surgical masks, while tight-fitting N95 masks provide the best protection. A distance of 1 metre (more than 3 feet) between people lowers the danger of catching the virus, while 2 metres (about 6 1/2 feet) is even better.
Eye protection such as eyeglasses or goggles can help too. None of the strategies work perfectly and officials say more rigorous studies are needed.

Israeli archaeologists say they’ve found cannabis residue on artifacts from an ancient temple in southern Israel – providing the first evidence of the use of hallucinogenics in the ancient Jewish religion.
Chemical analysis from the Tel Arad altar showed hashish was burned on top of dried animal dung.
Officials say the discovery, along with historical finds of opium, suggests that for the ancient Israelites, hallucinogenics were used in worship to connect with God.

An asparagus farm south of Simcoe is racing to determine how 126 of it’s 216 migrant workers became infected with COVID-19.
Seven workers from the Scottlyn Group owned farm in Vittoria were admitted to Norfolk General Hospital over the weekend. Four of them have now been released.
An official with the farm says 118 of the 126 people infected are asymptomatic positive cases. The workers underwent a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon reaching Canada and were on the farm for just around 20 days when the first cases began to show up.

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