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Jukasa News Update Tuesday, March 20, 2018


A new report says that millennial indigenous youth are more likely to abstain from alcohol than the generation before them.
The First Nations Information Governance Centre released that and other findings in its National Report on First Nations Health.
The report says more than 75% of First Nattions youth said they abstained from alcohol in the last year.
That is a nearly fifteen percent spike in ten years. Just over 60% of indigenous youth reported abstaining from alcohol in 2008.

The First Nations community of Mitaanjigamiing announced it has reached a final settlement of an outstanding land claim.
The claim took ten years of negotiations to settle. The community said they did not receive the amount of lands they were entitled to when they signed onto Treaty #3.
The Treaty 3 settlement adds just over 1600 hectares of provincial Crown land to the First Nations existing reserve in northwestern Ontario and nearly $25 million in compensation from both the provincial and federal governments.
Mitaanjigamiing Chief Janice Henderson says the settlement enables the community to create greater economic opportunities.

The Saskatchewan farmer who shot and killed Colten Boushie is back in court this week to face firearms charges related to the shooting.
Gerald Stanley was acquitted by a Saskatchewan jury of all charges related to shooting Boushie.
Stanley is facing two counts of unsafe storage of firearms in the case. Penalties range from a conditional discharge, to a fine, all the way up to a prison sentence.
According to court documents one charge covers a number of firearms including rifles and a shotgun — while the other charge is for a Ruger Blackhawk .45 calibre handgun.

Manitoba is introducing legislation to help keep indigenous children in foster care help keep their indigenous customs and family connections.
The new bill amends the Child and Family Services Act to include the customary care model, allowing children to stay within their community under the guidance of extended family and community leaders.
The changes are a shared effort by provincial NDP and Progressive Conservatives as part of a larger overhaul of the child welfare system.
There are about 11,000 children in care in Manitoba, 90% of those are indigenous.

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