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Jukasa Radio Bingo Rules

1. When you have a “BINGO” call area code 905.296.1286. Calls will only be taken on the Bingo phone line at 905.296.1286.

2. Calls received on the Bingo phone line will be placed into cue and taken by our staff in order.

3. JUKASA is NOT responsible for difficulties experienced with inadvertent dialing, failure of equipment, power surges, power outages or any other telephone or internet signal difficulties not listed.

4. Please take into consideration that JUKASA has the feature CALL DISPLAY, all prank calls will be reported to the proper authorities.

5. Bingo cards that are purchased must be played at the next scheduled bingo, or they are declared invalid.

6. Players are required to verify that they have the correct cards before leaving the bingo outlet.

7. JUKASA will NOT issue refunds or exchanges.

8. JUKASA is NOT responsible for duplicate cards. Multiple winners will receive an equal share rounded off to the next highest dollar amount with a minimum $5 payout.

9. All players must have reached their 19th birthday.

10. Player must purchase a regular game paper (6 sheet) to purchase Progressive game.

11. When playing bingo you must use a bingo dabber or a permanent ink marker.

12. Remember DO NOT cut your cards or they will be declared invalid.

13. Recaps are done on the Black out games at ball #30 and #50.

14. On a multi part game winning patterns will be awarded and closed as they occur.

15. When you call in your bingo, you will be asked for the verification number, located in the “FREE” space and the series number located at the top of your winning card. The verification # must remain visible on the card. (bingo dabber is recommended to cover called numbers and free space)

16. All winning Bingo’s will be declared CLOSED by the announcer before the next game starts.

17. Once a Bingo has been declared CLOSED, bingo CANNOT be claimed for that game.

18. When claiming your prize money, you must bring the winning Bingo card to the radio station, sign the back of the card and show proper ID.

19. The Bingo Winner may request that their name not be made public on the air for a Progressive Jackpot win only. Progressive Jackpot winners’ names and Bingo Outlet will be made public on signage at JUKASA and on all Six Nations Gaming Commission Reports, regardless of on-air anonymity requests.

20. If you are unable to claim your prize money in person you must give verbal notification to JUKASA, as to who will be claiming your bingo winnings. Plus the claimant must show proper ID.

21. Upon winning the Progressive Jackpot the winner will receive a payment by cheque within two business days.

22. You have 4 weeks to claim your prize money and/or 50/50 winnings. All unclaimed winnings will be donated to a local Charitable Organization of JUKASA’s choice.

23. The 50/50 cash winner will be announced during the following Thursday’s bingo.

24. Bingo and 50/50 winnings may be picked up here at the radio station tonight for one half hour after the last game has been closed, on Thursdays from 3pm to 6:30pm or by appointment.

25. All decisions made by Management are FINAL on all games and payouts.

26. Our Bingo volunteers have been instructed NOT to handle any complaints. Therefore, if a player has any questions or concerns regarding bingo, they are to contact Amy the next business day at 905.296.1270 ext 112

27. A copy of Bingo Rules are available upon request.


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