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Jukasa News Update Monday, June 25, 2018


BC says they are setting new rules for renewing fish farm licenses in order to protect wild salmon populations.
The new policies will examine open net operations for the next four years to monitor the effect farmed fish is having on the wild salmon near the farms.
Twenty fish farms in the archipelago region off Vancouver Island are up for renewal now. They will continue on a month to month basis until the study is complete.

Quebec is replacing outdated curriculum and nw including textbooks with more content on Canada’s indigenous history.
The cost for replacing former textbooks is being provided by the provincial government.
Previous textbooks for the high school program didn’t include indigenous history at all.
Quebec’s deputy education minister Sylvie Barcelo says the change is part of implementing one of the Truth and Reconciliation Commision’s 94 calls to action.

Ottawa is proposing a new law that would identify, remove and prevent accessibility barriers for people with physical disabilities in area under federal jurisdiction.
The proposed act will establish a new branch of government in charge of accessibility and appoint officers who will impose fines and penalties for those who do not comply with its laws.

Police have laid charges in a hit and run death of an indigenous man from Elsipogtog.
56 year old Maurice Johnson was charged with failing to stop at the scene of an accident causing bodily harm or death. 22 year old Brady Francis was struck and killed ny the truck Johnson was driving after he left a party on February 24.
Johnson is set to appear in court on July 10.

A video showing a Border Patrol vehicle striking a man on the Albuquerque Navajo reserve is causing uproar.
The video was posted to social media and shows a white Border Patrol vehicle veering from its path, hitting a nearby young man and contuing to drive away without stopping to see if the man is ok.
The man hit was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries.
Leaders from the reserve say this is a demonstration of the behaviour federal officers have inflicted upon people in the territory for years.
The Border patrol says it is actively investigating the incident.

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