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Jukasa News Update – Monday, November 21, 2016


Six Nations Elected Council Election Results
Six Nations Elected Chief Ava Hill will serve another term after a successful re-election as band council Chief.
A record number of voters turned out for this year’s election.
Twelve residents were also selected to sit as councillors for the community’s six districts.
Elected Council 2016 Election results:
Chief – Ava Hill
District 1 – Audrey Powless Bomberry and Dave Hill
District 2 – Carl Hill and Terry General
District 3 – Sherri Lyn Hill-Pierce and Charles Martin
District 4 – Helen Miller and Wray Maracle
District 5 – Bob Johnson and Hazel Johnson
District 6 – Melba Thomas and Mark Hill

Standing Rock attacked by police
Water protectors at Standing Rock were subjected to another attack by militarized law enforcement last night on Highway 1806.
Water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades and LRAD sound cannons were launched at unarmed water protectors in frigid temperatures.
Witnesses said people on site were trapped on a bridge and unable to escape the gas and water blasts in temperatures that dipped well below zero.
Medics were on site to help people suffering hypothermia and broken bones from rubber bullets.
One elder was reported to be in critical condition after being hit by a rubber bullet.
Six Nations water protectors at Standing Rock reported injuries such as being shot at close range by tear gas canisters and maced in the face.

Val D’Or SQ will not be charged
Citizens in Val D’or protested Friday’s announcement the Crown will not lay charges against the six SQ officers accusing of assaulting indigenous women.
Crown prosecutors told reporters charges not being laid does not mean the women coming forward weren’t telling the truth.
Nearly 50 cases of police abuse including rape, sexual assault and police abandoning women far from town came to Montreal police after a media investigation revealed the accounts.

Pipeline pushing for completion
The CEO of the Energy Transfer Partners says the Dakota Access pipeline will not be re-routed.
Kelcy Warren told the Associated Press there is no other way and that the pipeline will be built at that location.
Warren said he would like to discuss the pipeline with Standing Rock Sioux’s tribal chairman David Archambault.
Archambault said he would be willing to meet with Warren but said no matter what comes of the meeting, stopping the pipeline remains an issue for all indigenous people.

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