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Jukasa News Update Thursday, December 1, 2016


Rally supports Chippewas of the Thames battle against Enbridge 
Hundreds of First Nations and allies rallied outside the Supreme Court yesterday to support the Chippewas of the Thames fight against Enbridge’s Line 9B oil pipeline.
In a split 2-1 decision last fall, the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed the Chippewas’ case.
The community says the Crown violated its constitutional obligation by not consulting them before it approved Enbridge’s request to increase and reverse the flow of crude oil through their traditional territory.
Critics and environmentalists warn the change could lead to an environmental catastrophe.
Ontario regional Chief Isadore Day said the hearing was an opportunity for the Supreme Court to reaffirm Indigenous Treaty Rights and ensure Canada upholds its duty to consult.

Standing Rock supports presence of water protectors on treaty territory
The Standing Rock Sioux community issued a proclamation supporting the presence of water protectors remaining on their treaty territory.
The proclamation comes just days after the governor of North Dakota issued an emergency evacuation order in an attempt to move water protectors from the pathway of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Standing Rock said water protectors are welcome to stay in their treaty territory and engage in peaceful protest, and called on the state and president to halt violent attacks by law enforcement against water protectors.

Ottawa says it is not liable for loss of culture during 60s Scoop
Ottawa filed new court documents arguing the federal government cannot be held liable for the cultural loss of Indigenous children taken during the 60’s scoop.
Feds are pressing an Ontario Supreme Court to dismiss a $1.3 billion dollar class action lawsuit saying Canada failed to protect the cultural heritage of indigenous children the government intentionally adopted into non indigenous families from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s.
The government argues there is no legal reason to apply modern standards to that practise.
An estimated 16,000 indigenous children were victims of the forced removal from their culture during the 60s scoop.
Lead plaintiffs in the case said the government knew the distress the situation caused indigenous families and did nothing to address it.

Doctor charged for filming staff washroom
A doctor at a Nova Scotia medical clinic has been charged with voyeurism after police say staff were filmed while using the washroom.
Dr. Rafid al-Nassar was arrested after a nine month investigation into the case.
Persons on the recording were identified as members of staff at the clinic.
The doctor was released on a promise to appear in provincial court December 5.

Bennett says embarrassed by lack of consultation over proposed changes to Indian Act
Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett says time constraints caused mistakes and not enough engagement with First Nations in legislation designed to change parts of the Indian Act.
Bill s3 is in response to a Quebec Superior Court Decision that says status is not handed down to descendants equally between Status Indian men and women.
Bennett blamed a time crunch for the lack of consultation and says the court requires a response from the Federal Government by February.
Bennett said Indigenous Affairs failure to engage with indigenous people about the bill’s creation was unacceptable and embarrassing for her as minister.
Bill S3 has been criticized for granting the federal government arbitrary control over First Nations identity.

Aztec temple uncovered beneath shopping mall in Mexico
An ancient temple to worship The Aztec God of Wind, Ehecatl-Queztalcoatl, has been uncovered under a demolished supermarket in Mexico.
Researchers said archaeologist dug down 10 feet to discover the 650 year old temple.
The circle platform is four feet tall and approximately 36 feet in diameter. Plans are in place to preserve it and make it visible to the public through a viewing window.
The area is under construction to make way for a new shopping mall and researchers say is part of a larger known area of Aztec holy sites.
Archaeologists also uncovered shards of pottery and human remains of the Mexica-Tlatelolca worship site including the remains of an infant with no signs of trauma, bird bones, obsidian, and ceramic figurines.

Brantford man arrested for sexual assault after Grey Cup game
A 45-year-old Brantford man was arrested and charged with sexual assault outside Sunday’s Grey Cup game.
Howard Ferguson was arrested by police and charged after a woman says he came up to her from behind and sexually assaulted her near the main entrance 6uto the BMO field in Toronto.
Ferguson will appear in court January 10.

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