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Jukasa News Update Thursday, January 5, 2017


Dementia risk greater in high traffic areas
A new study shows people who live close to high traffic roadways have a higher risk of dementia.
The report suggests air pollution from vehicles may be a contributing factor in developing the neurological disorder.
According to the research Ontario residents who live within 50 meters of a major road had a seven percent increase of dementia compared to those who lived more than 300 meters back from the road.
Nearly 244,000 people in Ontario aged 55 and older were identified in the study as suffering from dementia.

Ford tops record year for auto sales
Canadians set a new record in buying vehicles last year.
In 2016 a report says nearly 2 million vehicles were sold in Canada. The top spot going to Ford, with sales up by almost ten percent for 2016. Followed by Fiat Chrysler and General Motors.
The report attributes higher sales numbers to aging baby boomers purchasing trends.

Woman gives birth during oil change
A Pennsylvania woman had the shock of her life when she gave birth at an auto dealership Monday.
24 year old Amanda Sherman said she was waiting with her husband for his pickup truck to get an oil change, went to the bathroom and gave birth while she was in the restroom.
The woman cried for help and was assisted by a registered nurse who was also at the dealership at that time.
Sherman says she didn’t experience much pain or contractions. Employees at the dealership called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital.
The baby, a 7lb 12oz girl, and mother are said to be doing well.

Vets cannabis coverage cutback by Ottawa
Ottawa is under scrutiny for cutting back coverage for veterans who recieve medical marijuana.
The daily maximum of 10 grams a day was previously paid for in full by Veterans Affairs Canada. Now, Ottawa says they are capping the maximum daily allotment to just 3 grams a day.
A federal report on Veterans Affairs website lists skyrocketing costs and lack of evidence to support how cannabis medically benefits vets as its rationale for the cutbacks.
Critics of the change say the cutbacks impact veterans who require the maximum 10grams to deal with physical and mental injuries.
The new changes are expected to begin this May.

Trump protesters to spark 4200 joints at inauguration
Thousands of US marijuana supporters say they will travel to Washington DC the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration and hand out 4200 joints.
Protesters are scheduled to meet at 8am on January 20th.
The event is scheduled by pro cannabis group DCMJ to be an act of mass protest, sending a message to Washington that the government should legalize marijuana.
Organizers say at 4 minutes and 20 seconds into Trumps speech the protesters will simultaneously light their joints.
Officials with DCMJ say the giveaway is legal but those smoking on federal land will risk arrest.

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