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Jukasa News Update – Tuesday, August 6. 2019


A new study from the Hospital for Sick Children says an average of one child a year dies in Canada from being trapped in an overheated vehicle.
Four children died between 2013 and 2018 from being forgotten inside a vehicle by their caretakers.
Officials say even on milder days, temperatures inside a closed vehicle can raise to deadly levels.
The study says everyone should adopt a look before you lock policy and check the backseat whenever you leave your car.

Canadians spent more on taxes in 2018 than on housing, food and clothing combined.
This from a new report out of the Fraser Insitute that says average family spending on taxes was nearly 44% of household income.
Just 36% of household income was spent on groceries and housing.
The report says the new average household income in Canada is just under $89,000 a year with the highest tax attributions coming from income tax, payroll, health and sales taxes.

Researchers have found colorectal cancer rates are on the rise among younger people in Canada .
The current colorectal cancer risk for men aged 20-29 is now double what it was in 1939 – with cases in persons under 50 on the rise since the mid 1990s.
The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology says people who’s immediate relatives have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer get screened as early as 40 years old, or ten years before the age of their relatives diagnosis.

Screen time and social media use is linked to an increase in depression among youth according to a new study by researchers in Montreal.
The study found a direct relationship between depression in adolescents and screen time, but say the effects were more significant for youth on social media than any other type of digital screen time, such as games or videos.
The study found platforms like Instagram contributed to a greater increase in feelings of depression among youth as the risk for upward social comparison made students in the study feel bad about themselves.
The study also found that time spent playing video games did not contribute to depressive symptoms — as nearly 70 percent of online gamers are interacting with other people both online and in person.

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