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Jukasa News Update Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Minister of Health Jane Phillpott, announced new funding to improve access to midwifery services for First Nations and Inuit communities.
More than $83 million over five years is dedicated to maternal and child health.
Phillpott says midwifery care is a vital part of bringing back traditional birthing practices to indigenous communities.

The Trudeau government is sticking with its deadline to legalize recreational marijuana by July 2018.
This despite provincial fears there’s not enough time to address the legal, social and health challenges of ending Canada’s pot prohibition.
Liberals delivered the message Monday after Manitoba’s finance minister said he felt rushed by Ottawa’s tight timeline and asked for an extension.

A judge says an Ontario woman with incurable erosive osteoarthritis fits a key requirement to receive a medically assisted death after her doctor refused to help her because he feared criminal prosecution.
In a decision delivered in a Toronto court on Monday, Superior Court Justice Paul Perell ruled the woman’s “natural death is reasonably foreseeable.”
He said the 77-year-old woman’s doctor had reached the same conclusion but changed his mind because he feared he would be accused of murder.

A new report says indigenous women in Saskatchewan have been subjected to violence, invasive strip searches and other mistreatment by police.
Human Rights Watch documented 64 cases of alleged violent abuse during a visit last year to the province that included talks with indigenous women and social workers.
The advocacy group says they found evidence of a fractured relationship between law enforcement and the indigenous community.
The report makes 16 recommendations, including a call for an independent, civilian-led unit to investigate alleged police misconduct, instead of allowing police to investigate their own.

A House of Commons committee looking at the issue of indigenous suicide is urging the federal government to make sure rescue resources are available to combat the crisis.
The committee released a report Monday with 28 recommendations.
The report says intergenerational trauma and childhood sexual abuse are large factors in the current suicide crisis.

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