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Jukasa News Update Monday, March 19, 2018


The World Health Organization is launching a review after a study showed elevated levels of plastic in bottled water.
A new report issued this month by the State University of New York at Fredonia studied bottled water from samples around the world and said 90% were contaminated with micro plastics.
According to the report, Nestle’s Pure Life brand had the highest concentrations. Other brands like Aquafina an San Pellegrino were also tested.
The World Health Organization now wants to study what the human health risks are for consuming micro plastics in water.

Police arrested anti pipeline demonstrators Saturday opposing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.
Just 28 people blocked the entrance to the Kinder Morgan work site early Saturday morning, tying themselves to gates.
Local RCMP moved in with an injunction — given by Kinder Morgan from the Supreme Court — restricting demonstrators fro being within five meters of two of the pipelines worksites.
All 28 people were arrested. Similar actions are planned for the rest of this week to oppose the pipeline project.

A teacher in a California highschool accidentally fired a gun inside his classroom, injuring three students.
Dennis Alexander was been placed on administrative leave from his job at the school.
Police have said Alexander was pointing the gun at the ceiling Tuesday to make sure it was not loaded when it discharged inside his classroom at Seaside High School. He was not authorized to have a gun on the campus.

Toronto police say their sex crime unit is investigating allegations against Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard.
Police spokeswoman Katrina Arrogante says no charges have been laid against the Canadian musician, but an investigation is ongoing.
In statements late last month, Hoggard and the Vancouver-based band said Hedley will be taking an “indefinite hiatus” after the end of their Canada-wide tour later this month.
The former MuchMusic darlings have been under fire since sexual misconduct allegations began surfacing online last month, suggesting inappropriate encounters with young fans.

Federal officials announced a tentative plan Friday to relocate 20-30 grey wolves to Isle Royale National Park in Michigan over three years to replenish a population that has nearly died out because of inbreeding and disease.
The National Park Service said it would make a final decision after giving the public a month to react to its proposal. The wolves have helped to maintain the ecosystem by culling a moose herd that otherwise would overeat the island’s vegetation.
An environmental impact statement released Friday estimates the wolf restoration price at nearly $2 million over 20 years.

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