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Jukasa News Update Monday, October 23, 2017


A police officer investigating suspicious activity around a car in Niagara Falls has led to human trafficking charges against a man and two boys.
Police say their investigation led them to a motel, where they found four youth victims.
An 18-year-old Welland man and two boys _ aged 16 and 17 _ were arrested.
They each face eight charges that include trafficking in people under 18, material benefit from trafficking in people under 18, material benefit from sexual services, and making, publishing or possessing child pornography.
All three were to appear in court in St. Catharines on Thursday.

Millennials will have to foot the bill for Ontario’s rising debt over the next three decades if the government doesn’t hike taxes or cut spending by $6.5 billion annually.
The province’s fiscal watchdog says as the baby boom generation ages, economic change will exhibit slow revenue growth and increased spending on social programs like health care
Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office says a government debt of $312 billion will be driven up unless taxes are increased or spending is cut beginning next year.

Ontario politicians unanimously condemned a Quebec law that bans anyone from giving or receiving public services with their face covered.
Premier Kathleen Wynne said Ontario and Quebec have a very close working relationship, but on this issue they fundamentally disagree.
Wynne said forcing people to show their faces when they ride the bus and banning women from wearing a niqab when they pick up a book from the library will only divide Canadians.
Wynne says the new law will disproportionately affect women, including those who are sometimes already at the margins, and push them into further isolation.

Three people have been arrested following the seizure of powerful medications at a home in St. Catharines.
Niagara Region police say they had been watching a house where drugs were allegedly being sold and arrested a suspect who left the home to conduct a drug deal in the city.
Police searched the home and seized what they say was a “very large amount” of oxycodone, hydromorphone, codeine and fentanyl, along with $6,300.00 in cash.
A 76 year old man and two women in their thirties are arrested and charged as a result.

Canada’s health ministers are looking at a cross jurisdictional electronic prescription database to fight the growing crisis in opioid addictions.
Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins says
Canada’s opioid crisis is a multi-faceted problem says the solution needs to empower presciption use for patients as well as provide supports for those trying to break free from illicit drug use..
Last month, the federal government reported that at least 2,816 Canadians died from opioid-related causes in 2016 _ a total that’s expected to surpass 3,000 in 2017.

Researchers in Belgium have found new evidence suggesting sugar stimulates cancer cells causing tumors to grow faster and more aggressively.
The nine year study looked at the way glucose feeds cancer cells.
Reserarchers say the findings could help them starve or selectively kill off cancer cells in the future.

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