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Jukasa News Update – Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The NFL player who started the take a knee movement was honoured by American indigenous activists in a ceremony last week.
Colin Kapernick was in attendance on Alcatraz Island for the annual Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony where he was welcomed and gifted with eagle feathers from a respected elders regalia — one of the highest honours for an ally to receive.
Colin Kapernick left the NFL for controversy surrounding his kneeling during the National Anthem as protest to the social injustices and police brutality towards people of colour in the US.
Kapernick thanked the elder and spoke to the crowd present, saying the fight against injustice and for freedom is empowered knowing all marginalized persons are fighting together.

The President of the National Congress of American Indians says US President Donald Trump denigrated the legacy of Pocahontas when he used her name as a racial slur aimed at a political adversary.
Trump made an inappropriate joke during a ceremony that was meant to honour native american code talker veterans.
During the event he referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. Several groups have condemned the president’s comments and behaviour during the ceremony – saying the use of a racial slur is beneath the office of the presidency.

A court cas

e challenging Kahnawake’s residency bylaw is being heard in a Quebec courtroom this week.
Members of the community filed a lawsuit last year saying the communities rule to not permitting them to live on the territory if they marry non-indigenous people is a violation of their human rights.
Some say the “Marry out, move out” rule was established as a way to preserve resources and culture of the Mohawk people.
Those families who are fighting the rule in court say it is discriminatory and needs to change. They are in court until the middle of December.

A round dance was held outside Saskatoon city hall this week to pay tribute to a homeless indigenous woman who being sexually assaulted and set on fire.
Marlene Bird died Monday in hospital of organ failure.
She lost both legs and much of her eyesight in the June 2014 attack.
Bird was a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation and is to be buried next to her grandmother in the northern community of Molanosa.

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