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Jukasa News Update Wednesday, January 11, 2017


PM excited to work with Congress of Indigenous people
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett met Tuesday with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples in what is said to be the the first of regular yearly meetings to help the federal government focus on indigenous issues.
The PM says he is looking forward to working with the national organization that represents the voice of indigenous people living off-reserve in Canada
Trudeau has committed to meeting with the nations national leadership organizations at least once a year to address shared priorities.

Jane Fonda travels to oil sands
Actress and activist Jane Fonda toured the oilsands in Fort McMurray, Alberta this week and says Canadians should heed the warnings indigenous people give on resource extraction.
The actress says she supports the recent indigenous alliance to halt oil sands developments on indigenous territories.
Fonda says she empathizes with oil workers concerned for their jobs. But says the fossil fuel industry is closing and renewable energy developments have more economic opportunities to offer surrounding communities.

National Chief reminds cabinet members to include First Nations leaders
AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde says Ottawa’s federal cabinet shuffle is an opportunity to remind cabinet ministers First Nations issues require real action in partnership with First Nations leadership.
Bellegarde said First Nations priorities are Canada’s priorities. And says every cabinet minister and member of parliament has a role to play in reconciliation to build a stronger Canada.
The Liberal government announced a cabinet shuffle on Tuesday.
Some speculate it was a significant and tactical move by Ottawa in advance of the Trump administration’s inauguration later this month.

Albino hawk spotted on Six Nations
A rare full albino hawk was spotted along the Grand River this weekend on Six Nations.
Spectators caught images of the all white raptor perched on treetops in the areas surrounding Kanata Village and the Mohawk Chapel
The birds are noted across many indigenous nations as spirit birds and are said to be special messengers to the people.
The full albino Red-Tailed hawk was mistaken by some as a snowy owl but pictures captured of the bird later confirmed it to be a hawk. The birds are considered exceptionally rare in Ontario.

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