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Confederacy Council Report


confederacy report

SIX NATIONS – The first item on the agenda was a meeting requested by Justice Gethin Edwards, with delegates representing the Council.

Edwards is known as the judge who, in 2014, ruled that he would not compel the Brant Children’s Aid Society to force a young Six Nations girl to undergo chemotherapy for her acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Instead, the child chose traditional medicines, which the judge asserted was within her rights.

Marlene Doxtator, an Intake and Assessment Worker at Kiikeewanniikaan – Southwest Regional Healing Lodge, was present and told council that allowing children to be taken by Children’s Aid from their mothers isn’t what will help the children.

A final decision was then made that several Clanmothers would meet with Edwards in February.

An update regarding the draft media policy created by Lynda Powless was given. It was stated that the draft policy is not yet complete, but when it is done the policy will entail how journalists are to conduct themselves within the Longhouse during council meetings.

Kris Hill of the Haudenosaunee Trade Delegation requested three council representatives sit on the commission. It was decided that Gary Johnson and Bill Williams would sit upon the delegation with the third position to be addressed at another council meeting.

A letter drafted to the Governor General was presented for approval, which explained several points involving the relationship between the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Crown. The Council decided the letter would be sent.

Ohero:kon presented information on what they do to the council. The program offers youth the opportunity to reconnect with their culture, and experience several rites of passage in a positive way. The group extended an invitation to the Chiefs and Clanmothers to join them next week at the Everlasting Tree School, to teach youth about their duties within the confederacy and ceremony.


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