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Jukasa News Update Friday, March 10, 2017


Second racoon with rabies found on Six Nations
Six Nations Elected Council says another racoon on the territory has tested positive for rabies.
The animal was positively identified as having died of rabies by Ministry of Natural Resources officials.
Rabies is spread through infected mammals through the saliva in either a bite that breaks the skins, getting the animals saliva into a cut or sore or getting infected saliva near your mouth, nose or eyes.

March on Washington to support indigenous rights
Hundreds of thousands are set to march on Washington today in support of indigenous people struggling for justice against President Donald Trump.
Seven tipis have been on the National Mall since Tuesday as a part of daily events — including morning water blessings, panel discussions, and more — all culminating in a large unifying march today at 10am. The events will all urge Donald Trump and the US Government and Congress to stop hurting Indigenous people and tribal interests to benefit corporations and the US Government. Consultation is not enough– tribes are demanding that businesses ask for consent from native tribes before building on native lands.

Senator says residential schools not all that bad
Conservative MPs are distancing themselves from a Tory senator who suggested this week there were positive aspects to Canada’s former system of residential schools.
Senator Lynn Beyak told the upper chamber Wednesday that the government-funded, church-operated schools where indigenous children endured widespread sexual and physical abuse were not all bad and that the good has been overshadowed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s work.
Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett calls the comments unfortunate and misguided, and evidence of a need to educate Canadians about the long-standing legacy of the schools.
NDP indigenous affairs critic Romeo Saganash, himself a residential school survivor, wants Beyak to resign.

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