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Jukasa News Update Monday, January 23, 2017


Dispensary raided, four charged
Four people are facing drug charges after a Toronto cannabis dispensary was raided.
Police executed a search warrant at Weed the North in the city’s west end and seized over 4 kilograms of marijuana, 59 kilograms of edible products including hash, resin and $20,000 in cash.
Four Whitby, Ont. residents face charges of posession for the purposes of trafficking and possessing the proceeds of crime.

Church to apologize for pedophile sex offender priest
The Anglican Church of Canada is planning on making a formal apology to the victims of a preist who sexually assaulted First Nations boys in the 70s and 80s.
Ralph Rowe was a former police officer and ordained by the Anglican Church in 1975. Rowe assaulted children in over 12 remote northern Ontario reserves as a Boy Scout leader.
Rowe was convicted on sex assault charges but served only 5 years in jail.
The church is expected to make a public and formal apology to the communities affected in the coming weeks.

Investigation after women coerced into sterilization
A Saskatchewan health board is reviewing reports of indigenous women who said they felt coerced into having their tubes tied after giving birth.
The women complained that they felt pressured by medical staff and others with the Saskatoon Health Region to undergo the procedure, which is considered a permanent method of birth control.
The health region previously apologized to two aboriginal women who had the surgery after giving birth at Royal University Hospital.
The review is expected to conclude this spring.

House robbery
Six Nations Police say an apartment on Bicentennial Trail was broken into and medication stolen.
The tenant told police someone had entered the apartment Wednesday evening and stole prescrption meds. No damage was reported and nothing else was reported missing
No suspect has been identified and no witnesses have come forward.
Police are urging the community to take home security precautions to lock their homes and ensure medications are secured.

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