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Jukasa News Update – Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Police say human remains found in Niagara Falls are those of a local woman who was reported missing in June.
Niagara Regional Police say the remains were discovered in a wooded area by a pedestrian on Wednesday, about two kilometres from Marineland.
They say the remains have since been identified as 53-year-old Wendy Fontaine of Niagara Falls.
Police say Fontaine was reported missing in June after missing work.
Police say foul play isn’t suspected but the investigation is ongoing to determine Fontaine’s cause of death.

Ontario’s health minister says the province will hold off on opening three new overdose-prevention sites intended to help fight the opioid crisis.
Sites in Thunder Bay, St. Catharines and Toronto will be frozen as the province conducts a review of harm-reduction practices and determines if the sites “have merit.”
Overdose prevention sites are approved by the province and are temporary facilities set up to address an immediate need in a community.

Police in Hamilton say a wanted man was arrested Sunday evening after he was found jumping from rooftop to rooftop in the city.
Police say they responded to reports of a man jumping on roofs at about 7 p.m.
They say further investigation led them to believe the man was James Tupper, who was wanted on previous offences.
Police say they found Tupper, 41, and he surrendered without incident.
Tupper has been charged with uttering threats and uttering death threats, criminal harassment, breach of probation and fail to report to probation.

Flash flooding in Toronto’s Harborfront has led to an overflow of the city’s sewer system into Lake Ontario.
Environmental groups said a toxic stew of toilet paper, solids and used feminine products were floating along the decks and pedestrian bridges along the city’s waterfront.
Officials said bacteria levels from water samples were off the charts.
A majority of cities in Canada aren’t required to monitor raw sewage leaks so the actual amount of overflow is unknown.
Federal data estimates that over the last five years in Canada the total amount of spilled sewage reaching fresh water sources is in excess of one trillion litres.

Brock University is meeting this week to discuss how they will deal with one of their own after a retired political science professor sent out a ravage of racist tweets.
Garth Stevenson lashed out at indigenous people last week responding to news reports that a statue of John A. MacDonald was slated for removal in Victoria.
Stevenson wrote in a tweet that the statues removal was to “appease snivelling aboriginal who probably never did a days work in their lives” and went on to say indigenous people would hold pagan cleansing and healing ceremonies for the statues removal.
Brock University spoke out against the Stevenson’s behaviour and said it is not reflective of the university’s values.
The university is meeting this week to vote on stripping Stevenson of his title after the racist attack.

A southern Alberta doctor is on administrative leave from a position at Alberta Health Services after allegedly telling some homeless Indigenous people to “get jobs” in late May.
In a Facebook post, Scott Many Grey Horses wrote about what happened — saying a man came up to a group of Indigenous people outside a store entrance — told them they needed to get jobs and accused them of looking for prescriptions for opioids.
A lawyer who saw the post reached out to witnesses and filed a complaint with Health Services that led to the doctor being put on leave.

Recreational cannabis will be sold online in Ontario when legalized this fall and in private retail stores across the province early next year, the government announced Monday.
This reverses the previous administration’s plan to distribute cannabis through publicly owned outlets.
A government agency called the Ontario Cannabis Store will sell pot online once it is legalized on Oct. 17, and a “tightly regulated” private retail model will be in place by April 1, 2019. The province says The OCS will also be the wholesaler to private retail stores.

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