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Jukasa News Update Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Ontario’s basic income pilot program will begin this month.
Just over 4000 residents were selected to participate in a trial run.
Participants will receive a basic income to better support vulnerable workers, improve health and education outcomes for people on low incomes and help ensure economic growth for the province.
The first phase of the project begins in Lindsay this month. The next phase will continue with First Nations engagement to discuss a First Nations Basic Income Pilot.

The Ontario Children’s Aid Society gave an official apology for harm done to Indigenous children and families in the province.
The apology was made publicly at a gathering on the Rama First Nation on Tuesday.
Guests at the gathering included survivors of the 60s scoop and residential schools.
Leaders and elders from indigenous communities were invited to respond to the apology after it was issued.
CAS officials say the apology was met with strong emotion and insistence from indigenous people that the words be matched by action and accountability.

Canada’s environment commissioner Julie Gelfand says the federal government is nowhere near ready for the massive storms, frequent floods and fires that are expected to result from climate change.
In her autumn annual report the minister asked whether Ottawa will be able to protect more than $66 billion in federal assets like bridges, roads and airports, while also continuing to provide services, when fires, floods and extreme storms hit hard.
The ministers report says only five of the 19 departments she looked at know where the risks are from climate change and how best to deal with them.

 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is proposing to levy a federal excise tax on recreational marijuana once it becomes legal next July, with the provinces and territories receiving half the revenue.
The PM proposed each gram of pot would be subject to an excise tax of $1 on sales up to $10 and a 10 per cent tax on sales of more than $10.
Trudeau said the level of taxation on marijuana and revenue sharing are still matters under negotiation with the provinces.

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