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Jukasa News Updates Wednesday December 11, 2019


Merriam Webster has declared “they” it’s 2019 word of the year.
The dictionary source says the personal pronoun has spiked a 313% increase in searches on it’s website compared to last year.
Gender non-binary individuals, who do not identify as the sex there were assigned at birth and do not identify as exclusively male or female, have widely accepted ‘they’ as their preferred personal pronoun.
Spikes in searches on the term spiked in 2019 during news cycles where American officials were talking about non binary and LGBTQ rights legislation.

Hamilton police say they’ve arrested three men and a woman in connection with an alleged international auto theft and export ring.
Det.-Sgt. Andrea Torrie says investigators have been looking at the alleged ring since August, but early evidence suggests it had been operating for at least the past few years.
Torrie says members allegedly stole rental cars from across southern Ontario, then either sent them overseas or dismantled them for parts.
She says investigators tracked 39 stolen vehicles over the course of their four-month investigation, and the alleged thefts were worth an estimated $1.6 million.

A new study finds that people who live in Ontario’s poorest neighbourhoods are more likely to suffer avoidable deaths than those who live in the richest neighbourhoods.
Researchers found 124,000 avoidable deaths in the “most materially deprived areas” between 1993 and 2014.
That’s compared to 66,000 avoidable deaths in the most well-off areas, where average income, education and employment levels were highest.
Preventable deaths include those from lack of timely medical intervention: such as pneumonia, high blood pressure and breast cancer.
Men were nearly twice as likely to have a preventable death than women, with about 66 per cent of their deaths considered preventable.

Six Nations of the Grand River General Council meeting was packed Tuesday night as members of the community called for the removal of Chief Electoral Polling Officer Steve Williams.
Two local residents who made appeals in the last general election say Williams breeched his responsibilities, partly due to issues in the community’s new election code.
Council says they are investigating the allegations into Williams conduct and potential loopholes in the election code that may have put band members personal information at risk.

Charges may be dropped against protesters who occupied the front lawn of the Six Nations of the Grand River Central Administration building this summer.
A delegation came before chief and council Tuesday evening asking for the charges to be dropped.
Council passed a resolution to look for a way forward to stop the injunction placed on the protesters, which are being blamed as an obstacle to the hereditary chiefs and elected leaders continuing discussions.

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