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Congress of Aboriginal Peoples makes official name change


National Chief Dwight Dorey announced a name change for his organization this week. Saying that the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples will now be known as the Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly of Canada.

Dorey said the term Indigenous is a much more inclusive name that is reflective of what the organization stands for.

Dorey said the name change will assist the Assembly identify themselves in Canada and on the world stage.

The Indigenous Peoples Assembly of Canada, formerly known as The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, is the national voice representing the interests of Métis, status and non-status Indians, and Southern Inuit Indigenous People living off-reserve.

Over 70% of the Indigenous population in Canada currently live off-reserve.

Another nationally recognized indigenous governing body, The Assembly of First Nations, represents the on-reserve population of indigenous people through elected band councils of First Nation communities across Canada.

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